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Feb 12, 2019
so i have a 10 year old pc , there's motherboard gigabyte p55usb3l , intel core i5 750 and 8 gb rams that i upgraded soon , my pc is quite dusty and i have open side cover , i wanted to upgrade my GPU to RTX 2060 is this a good idea ? like can my motherboard run this GPU properly and can the current status of my pc affect the cooling of GPU severly ?
P.S: i had a GTX 760 a year ago , but it died after 3.5 years of using


This is not a great idea unless you are planning on upgrading the rest of the system soon. It should work though. What are you hoping to be able to play?

RTX2060 is not going to be able to run at full speed with an i5-750, something more like a GTX1050Ti would be a more reasonable match. And should be a bit faster than your old GTX760.

RTX2060 and GTX760 had approximately the same power requirements. Only serious concern would be the age of your power supply and whether it is still up to running hard during gaming.


As I said, if you plan to upgrade the rest of your system relatively soon, might be a good idea. Otherwise that GPU is not going to be able to output anywhere near its capabilities. Hard to say without an intended resolution or game you want to play. Could bring up some benchmarks. If you are after a high refresh rate the CPU is going to be a limitation. If you want the best effects and don't care about frame rate, then it could work okay. Also if you want a very high resolution.

400/500->600/700->900->1000 series

Turing has only been out a few months, so I wouldn't consider Pascal to be outdated just yet. Ray tracing isn't really going to be a huge thing this generation. So unless you really want that, I suspect you would be better off waiting for the next series of cards. Since you aren't likely to get the full use out of an RTX2060 spending less on a cheaper card for the time being makes more sense.

If you want some relevant comparisons:
GTX760 ~= GTX950
GTX960 ~= GTX1050Ti $160
RTX2060 $350 ~= GTX1070Ti around $425

I like to use Battlefield titles as my goto standard check. Here you can see the RTX2060 can do 1920x1080 Ultra above 60FPS, however, this is with a i7-7820X @ 4.3GHz running quad channel memory, to remove all potential bottlenecks. i5-750 is well below the requirements for that particular title, and will struggle to reach anywhere near that frame rate.

So if you are expecting that level of performance out of it, you will be disappointed. If on the other hand you wanted to play something like GTA V at 1920x1080:

You can see that the GTX1060 6GB is enough to get about 60FPS, so if you have a 1080p 60hz monitor then you should stop around there or you are over-spending. Again this is with a faster CPU and these two examples require decent CPUs to perform well. (Though I have seen GTA V run on a lot less than an i5-750)

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