Question GPU upgrade causes internet to be slower ?


Apr 11, 2019
Before i upgraded from a Rx 570 4gb to a rx 6600xt i was having a consistent 40-50mbps, but ever since i upgraded to rx 6600 xt my internet is been capped to 9.5mbps. i have updated my bios, chipset, lan, and gpu drivers and nothng has worked. is there some sort of driver conflict?
It should not directly affect it. It can have huge impact on games because the game code will in effect get stuck in video processing and ignore the network.
Simple file transfers and things like speedtest should not.

Do you have a second machine in your house. Can you test file copies between them, you can see the rates on the resource manager network tab. Be careful many of these are in MBYTES. You could also load a simple program called IPERF on both machine. This is a old line mode command that is extremely simple. It pretty much only test the network and the drivers and is not affected by things like memery/cpu etc. You should see rates in the 900+mbps in both directions.

Was there any garbage "gamer" network software bundled with the video card. Some of these claim they can give games lower latency but they can only affect the traffic inside the machine so it is silly. These types of software cause all kinds of strange issues and you should uninstall them.