Question GPU Upgrade Help


Mar 4, 2018

I would like some help with Upgrading my GPU in my System. Now i know i can just Build or buy a new system but i personally would rather see if i can just upgrade my GPU to anything besides what i currently have first. My Rig right now is an Optiplex 9020, it has a Core i5- 4570, 12 GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM (all 4 slots occupied) a 500GB WD Blue SSD and a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 560 4GB. i Understand i can Overclock my gpu aswell and to be quite honest i am scared i'll break it trying to. i have had this GPU since May 2019. To make this question more clear to answer all i play on my pc are MMORPG's i primarily play World of Warcraft (Shadowlands) with Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars the old republic and Final Fantasy XIV not far behind it. i'm currently hovering between 50 and 70 FPS on medium setting in wow depending on what i'm looking at but when i'm doing raid like activities it can drop to as low as 34 FPS. If anyone can help that would be appreciated. if i don't need a new GPU i am also open to learning how to overclock. thanks in advance.