Question GPU Upgrade (R9 390 - GTX 1070 Ti)

Oct 29, 2018
Currently, I am rocking an AMD R9 390 GPU that has come with a factory OC. I was looking around various websites and apps for a potential upgrade to my card, preferably any sort of Nvidia card due to my issues with AMD, and I stumbled upon a GTX 1070 Ti card for rather cheap. Of course, this style of card wouldn't be my first choice, blowers aren't my preference, but looking into the prices for brand new 1070 TIs, this offer seemed amazing.

I currently have an i7-9700k and 16GB of DDR4 RAM, so there is no bottleneck at all, in this case, just an FYI.

I was wondering if the upgrade would ultimately be worth it in the end for me.
I play games at 1440p/144hz and this R9 390 lags behind greatly in ultra/high settings, and usually doesn't even get to 144hz on the lowest settings possible without changing the resolution. I do not need to play all of my games at the highest settings, I am fine half the time with the lowest settings, as long as I can run the games at 1440p.
I am able to play games like Apex Legends at the absolute lowest settings with the dynamic resolution scale on max at a decent ~100FPS in most scenarios. Rainbow Six Siege usually goes from 60FPS-120FPS in multiplayer play at the lowest settings possible. CS:GO can run at max/ultra settings above 144FPS 90% of the time. This is all with my current R9 390 card. Looking at comparisons such as on userbenchmark, I can see that the 1070 Ti is greatly better than the R9 390, but the majority of benchmarks have a great difference in results.

In the end, looking and considering benchmarks that I find, I can't seem to pinpoint if the upgrade is worth it. I am planning on going with a 2080 Ti card here by the end of the year, but I still want to move to Nvidia as fast as possible and I don't mind spending a bit of cash to do so.

So, is it worth upgrading to a 1070 Ti?