Question GPU usage 100%, but poor FPS ?

Jul 30, 2021
So I havent really been using my laptop for like 3 months.
My specs are:
i5 2410M
GeForce gt540m 2gb

I still have my FarCry 3 installed from a while ago and I used to have 120+ fps on medium and 1080p settings with my 540m.
Yesterday I tried playing it and I rarely even hit 50 fps on low and 720p, I have tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING i found on the internet.
I also cleaned the motherboard and changed the thermal paste but it didnt do much. I set all the power options and stuff to maximum performace, did the DUU, installed the newest driver, everything...

Msi afterburner says its on 100% usage and the temperature is at 60c (it used to be way higher). Also the gpu clock gets to about 540 mHz (should be 900+).
If anyone can help me with my problem I would be very grateful.
Im also running on Windows 10 pro and I thought downgrading to Windows 7 might help.

Edit: Im 100% sure I havent been using my igpu so that isnt the issue either.