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Question GPU Usage Dropping in game, causing low fps, haven't been able to find a fix

Oct 19, 2019
PC Specs: ASUS Prime X470-PRO, Ryzen 2600x, RTX 2070, 16gb 3200 RAM, 500gb HDD (Games), 240gb SSD (OS)

So I have been playing a lot of Destiny 2 recently, and recently the game switched from Battlenet to Steam, with the release of its new DLC. Ever since this move and new DLC, I have noticed significant frame issues in the game that were not present before. I get great frames usually between 120 - 140 when not in a demanding area, with my GPU Usage at 85-99% but then as soon as it enters a more demanding area my GPU usage shoots down to 50-60% and as do my frames. I figured this has something to do with CPU usage but from what I can see there is no bottleneck, and these issues were not present before. Changing graphics settings has almost no effect on this at all either. I have searched high and low for someone with the same issue and I can't find anything nor does anything I do seem to fix it. I have checked my power settings, my temps, and rolled back/installed new drivers for the GPU and nothing seems to work. If anyone has any idea how to help with this it would be greatly appreciated, I just spend a lot of money on this PC and Destiny is one of my favorite games of all time and its incredibly frustrating not being able to play with the performance I should have.