Question GPU Usage drops to 0% causing games to stutter

Dec 27, 2020
I recently purchased a new GPU(RTX 3070) upgrading from my older 1080ti. However, after playing games for a bit I noticed short stutters. I decided to use MSI afterburner to monitor the GPU and found that the GPU usage drops to 0-10%, so does the FB usage, framerate. The power% and power limit(from 1 to 0) drops too although not always, all this in the same second causing a momentary freeze. Depending on which game I play this can be less or more often, for example in Metro Exodus it happened a fair amount, in Control very rarely and in rust it would happen a few times in my first hour of gameplay and then never again for the rest of the session. The stutter doesn't just happen when it drops to 0% sometimes it just drops to around 60 causing a stutter which is less noticeable. Other than the stutters the card performs fine and gets good scores when benchmarked in Heaven. Interestingly in heaven, there is a stutter in the exact same place every time.

Images of the readings from MSI afterburner are here

I have tried all manner of testing for the issue which I will list here:
CPU usage/core usage✓
GPU temps 70°C✓
CPU temps 55°C✓
RAM standby✓
Update BIOS✓
Update Windows✓
No OC on the GPU (Except Factory)✓
RAM is Dual channel (XMP enabled)✓
Made sure my HDDs and SSD weren't too full (Stuttering still occurs even on the SSD)✓
Benchmarked my CPU with a stress test, scores are fine✓
DDU GPU Drivers and reinstall also tried older drivers(Couple versions back)✓
Switched from auto to PCI-E Gen 3✓
Nvidia control panel power management set to Prefer Maximum Performance (everything else is the default setting)✓
Geforce Experience is not installed✓

While some of these methods have reduced the frequency/length of stutters (I think) none of them have eradicated them completely, at this point I believe the card is at fault and I'm considering that I might RMA the card. I'm posting on here just in case there's something that I might have missed.

Also just in case this is important, I also experienced this exact same issue in this video after changing to my new card. Fixed by: the method in the video, switching from 75hz to 74hz or using an HDMI cable(Which I'm currently doing)(2560x1400 75hz Asus monitor)

PC specs:
GeForce RTX™ 3070 EAGLE OC 8G
Intel® Core™ i7-10700K Processor
16GB dual-channel RAM
2TB HDD (Most games tested were on this)
3TB HDD (Which may be corrupt shouldn't matter though since none of the games were played on this and the issue wasn't present until I upgraded GPU)
250GB SSD (Windows is on this drive)
PSU 700W 80 bronze

2560x1400 75hz Asus (My gaming monitor)
1920x1080 144hz AOC (Second monitor)

Any help would be much appreciated as I'd rather not RMA the card unless I absolutely need to.
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