Question GPU usage is not maximum


Apr 2, 2017
I have Ryzen 7 2700 stock cooler
16GB Ram (Single stick)
B450 motherboard
Zotac RTX 2060 (o.c to +175 on base and +600 on boost)
1600x900 (will upgrade to 1080p in near future)

When i play games like gta 5, battlefield V ,pubg or apex i see that frames are like 70-90 or even 100 in some cases but gpu usage is always nearly 50-60 percent Max GPU usage i see was 80 percent that was only for minute or so
CPU usage is also like 40-50 percent and when GPU percantage increaseds CPU percentage also increases.

I want to ask if is it normal or should GPU always work on high usage to get max frames
I watch some benchmarks in which like GPU usage is 98 percent and fps is max (eg above 100 in GTA V on ultra) whereas i get 50-60 or max 80 percent usage and get 80-90 or barely 100 frames.

Can anyone explain working of this system and how load on GPU and CPU Increases while gaming specifically.

One last question is if on 50 -60 percent usage i am getting 80 frames will the frames increase if gpu usage increases to 98 or 99

Thx in advance
Please also explain about cpu and gpu usage i am very curious to know.


Jan 22, 2009
I'm by no means any expert on this - but I'll assume 100% usage is almost impossible to reach - but it depends on how the measurement is made.

Say - if 100% must be understood as if all possible built-in draw functions in the GPU is used. That would be a far theoretical limit impossible to reach in any game.

Also consider this : Would any one drawing function (e.g. drawing circle) consume the same amount of resources if one is used or a thousand is in use at the same time?
For that I think someone in the GPU manufactor business have to answer - and even the question itselv is not certain to being valid.
Do you have V-sync or any kind of frame cap in place?

At that resolution I wouldn't be surprised if you're CPU-limited, which would explain why your GPU isn't hitting ~100% usage. But I would expect the CPU usage to be higher on at least 1 or two cores, and overall performance to be better.

Try running userbenchmark and post a link to your results here.