[SOLVED] GPU Usage jumping between 0%-100% rapidly after pc startup

Jan 23, 2022
Hey, I don't really know if this is an issue or not but I decided to ask just to be sure. So whenever I start my PC my GPU Usage keeps rapidly jumping between 0% and 100% but only until I start a Program or Game thats GPU Heavy, then it goes back to normal activity and it stays normal until I turn it off. Nothing else is affected only GPU. Malwarebytes and Kaspersky (I tried 2 just in case) found 1 malware but that got dealt with and now doesn't find anything else. The only other thing thats happening until said Game or Program is started is that my mouse rapidly flashes the loading circle over it. All Drivers should be up to date, although I use Win 11 Insider.
Again, I have no idea if this is an issue or not I just wanted to make sure, keep in mind tho that my card is very old (because of the current GPU prices lol).
Any idea what causes this or is this perfectly normal?

My PC Config is (if this is relevant to here) ->
Ryzen 5 3600
AMD R7 240 4GB DDR5 (Not Overclocked)
2x8 3200MHz DDR4
MSI B450M Pro M-2 MAX
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