GPU usage lowering after time on every game?


May 30, 2016
Games im currently playing right now is rocket league and BF1.

I get the constant scenario of playing a game lets say on BF1 having a constant 140fps and then later be on the exact same map and end up having 120fps max lowering the gpu usage by about 10%. normally a good 95-99% gpu usage at start then dropping to 80-90%

Same on rocket league. Ill play the first game on a solid 250fps. then randomly later on in the exact same map itll drop by 10% losing about 30fps. I know I wouldnt notice a small fps drop at that high but I do. I feel like its stuttering and I see its stuttering, and know the gpu usage have dropped and then confirm it by looking at the fps.

I have changed my whole rig apart from the PSU and the Graphics card. Ill list rig below

Gtx 1080
i7 6700k
16gb ddr4 3000mhz ram
750 Corsair CX PSU
Gigabyte gaming 3 Mobo

Thanks for the help guys. Not sure what the problem is. Drivers fully up to date. Temps are more then good.

Cpu is only turbo oc to 4.2