Question Gpu Usage never at resonable usage?


Aug 1, 2017
So I have a 7700k paired with a 1060 6gb, i had 8gb of Ram but when increasing it to 16gb im still seeing the same problems i thought it might of solved.

My gpu will never go to 100% usage and neither is my cpu or Ram. So i do not think its a bottleneck issue. Ive tried multiple games such as, Forza horizon 4, Gears 5, Black Ops 4, Overwatch and everythings the same.

I already have high performance set in Nvidia settings, i have up to date windows and gpu drivers. Ive even tried reverting any custom settings in game back to optimised settings through nvidia geforce which ive never found to be very helpful but i thought worth a shot.

Is there something else im missing? Im starting to get quite annoyed, seen as im running a 144hz monitor but for example in forza horizon 4 my cpu will sit at 50-60% usgae, Ram 8.5/16gb and Gpu 20-30% but im only getting 70-90 fps?

Ive also tried all different options with V-sync to using the 3D global setting, using it in game, turning it off completely, none of which seem to help.

If anyone could give me some suggestions as to things im missing i would appreiciate it :) .