Question GPU used to run games at max setting well above 60fps now i can barely get 20fps at Min settings

Jul 4, 2019
Basically in the last few months my pc cannot run games like it used to. It's a Dell G5 15 llaptop

Gtx 1060 Max-Q
CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (CPU:0)
16gb ddr5 Ram

I will start up any game and for the most part, it runs fine in the menu with about a 30% GPU usage on medium-ish settings. Still not as good as it used to. Then after loading into a game, frames instantly drop to 1-30 depending on whether I'm running Minimum settings or medium. If I run Max settings I get maybe 8 frames. Basically, when I first got the laptop I could run games like rocket league or fortnite at 200+fos on max settings. Now almost all games are unplayable. I've tried anything I could think of or find online. Ran a full hardware scan. My best guess was GPU overheating because my laptop does seem to get hotter than it used to but GPU temp is like 85 c when in game even when I'm at like 20fps. My gpu usage is constantly at 100% if I have any game running.

If anyone has any input or questions it would be greatly appreciated.
Please try to install the OEM VGA drivers from your Laptop Manufacturer's website. For Laptops, in case of any performance/stability issue, it is recommended that you try installing the VGA drivers directly from the OEM manufacturer.

Check the laptop's exact model number, and go to DELL's page to download/install the GPU drivers. Try updating the OEM VGA drivers, and other device drivers, including BIOS and firmware etc.