Question GPU waterblock recommendations?

Jun 11, 2022

I'm looking forward to building my first custom pc with my father soon, and would really appreciate some recommendations for a GPU watercooling block.
I'm going to use a 3080 VENTUS 3X PLUS OC from MSI. I have no experience at all when it comes to watercooled GPUs, so, as said, I would really like some some recommendations or informations :')

Thanks for all answers ^^

[PC List:]


First things first. There's 2x kinds of pcb in a gpu. It's either Reference or Custom. That's going to determine whether you can use a water block or not or whether you will be limited to certain kinds. So first thing is to find out exactly which your pcb is. If it's a reference design, most brands have one that fits. If it's custom, you'll need to check every brand you can find to see if they do in fact have one or more that fits. And you must be exact, there's no room for error. A Evga 3080 SC is not the same pcb as a Evga 3080 SC KO, so what fits one does not fit the other.

Corsair, EKwb, Watercooler Heatkiller, xspc make good blocks, there are others.

A full copper block has much better ability than a partial, half, acrylic block, so decide ahead of time just how much rgb means to you because performance and aesthetics rarely go hand in hand, it's more often a choice of one over the other.