Question GPU whine/buzzing after using MSI Afterburner

Jan 18, 2021
Hi all,

So after I built my new rig I decided to try out overclocking for the first time. Looked it up and read a couple guides about overclocking an FE RTX 3080. Downloaded MSI Afterburner and decided to start out with the auto OC just to see what it came out with. Produced a fairly decent curve, but nothing fantastic. GPUZ rated it at +52 Mhz on clock and boost. It also did +200Mhz on memory clock.
Since doing so I've been getting a high pitched buzzing coming from the rear underside fan (managed to pinpoint the sound by lying down next to the PC). This sound only kicks in when running anything GPU intensive like a game, so it seems to correspond with an increase in percentage TDP and increase in clock speed.
It's becoming quite annoying as I know it didn't make that sound before. And it still makes this sound when no overclock profile is activated (base clock, base memory, +0, none of the sliders changed). It also makes the sound when 'Unlock voltage control' is turned off too.

I'm not sure what to do, or what could have caused it. I can't find any reference to the same issue online. Only similar ones, such as coil whine (which is what I assume the sound is from looking online) when an overclock profile is activated or coil whine when power limit has been increased.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

PS. MSI Afterburner also likes to choose the OC profile (profile 2 on my system) every time I reboot, even thought I've selected the stock profile and applied it and locked the profiles. Any help on this would be nice too. Thanks