Question GPU wont fit.

Jamie Cuticchia

Mar 9, 2014
I have a Gigabyte N-1060G1 (full size card). I purchased a Gigabyte X570 Gaming. The card won't clear the top of a part of the motherboard. There is only 1 PCIE16 slot, there is a PCI 4 slot, which wont run the card. Thus, I am left with the height problem. I have a full-tower case, so that is fine. Short of buying a new GPU ($ is an object), is there a way to lift this up. I have looked at something called a Riser. Any help is appreciated!
I am also baffled by this :D

Most motherboard and GPU manufactures build with the intent to fit in all possible scenario's. Where you'll run into space issues is with Cases.

Do you mean the GPU is sagging and hitting the Chipset cooler?

What Case do you have?

Taking a closer look
If I have the correct GPU .You can see the fan shroud bows out a little towards the end. The X570 motherboards have larger than normal chipset cooling solutions. While they should still be flush with the PCI-E slots this could be what your referring to. Please let us know in more detail.
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