GPU working but no output


Dec 19, 2012
I added a 6670 gpu to my pc, but have no display output from the card, only from the mobo. That can't be right? I have a apu A10-5700, and win7 says everything has the current drivers, and GPU-z does see the card and the onboard APU graphics, and device manager has sees a 7660HD+6670, so everything should be good. The WEI graphics score even went up from 6.9 to 7.0, so the system must recognize it.

I looked in the bios and made the PCI-e card the primary display (instead of auto), and still no output from the hdmi on the card. Shouldn't it work? And, wouldn't it be preferable to use the video from the gpu instead of the mobo?? (if it worked)

ASRock A85x extreme6
8 GB 1866 MHz
530w PSU
Sapphire fanless 6670 w/ 1GB DDR5 <---- that doesn't display out
win7 home premium

Forgot to mention, its hooked up to a tv and using HDMI, can't test the DVI port, but doubt that's it anyways



Oct 27, 2012
Erm, let me think here.
You have an A10-5700 with so a cpu and a Gpu.
What is the default monitor set to, and the default screen setup in catalyst control center ?
If you have a monitor i would hook it up to that, if it works then some tweaking may have to be done in ccc, before connecting it to the tv. Also I would check out if you have to set the refresh rate to the right frequency, it will depend on how the tv does HD at 1080p or 1080I interlaced mode. it may need to be changed.