Question GPU working on 8x

Dec 2, 2019
Halo people.I have an old pc for my TV and i have a minor isssue since an upgrade
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Rev.G0
M/B: Foxconn G41MXE/G1MXE-K Version 080015
GPU: Sapphire RX560 Pulse
RAM: Corsair VS2GB1333D4

The thing is i recently got the M/B and RAMS(for free) and since consumerism got the best of me(black friday(sigh)) i also got an RX 560,
but it's working on 8x.
The really strange thing is that CPU-Z reports that the M/B has a max 8x PCI-E, even though i checked and it has 16x.
I tried to find how to ugrade my bios(i thought it could help) but it seems that they dont have a support site
Now i know that even if it worked on 16x i wouldn't notice any difference (not a gaming pc) but it still bothers me


don't confuse x16 in physical with x16 in pci express lanes

i had a motherboard with a pci express x16 slot that was internally only x4, the size and the pcie lanes don't go together on old or cheap motherboards

only a rtx 2080ti will need more than 8 pci express lanes on that x16 slot, so that rx gpu will do more than fine on that slot, even being a pci express 1.0

on the other hand, it is just a q6600, is close to be basically obsolete, so it might be a good match for that gpu, but some games will give you problems and some others might not even run on this old cpu thansk to lack of certain instruction inside the cpu itself