Question Gpu works only with no nvidia drivers..


Jun 6, 2011
hi, there. so i was playing Battlefield 4 yesterday and all of sudden two or three errors popped up saying some files in system 32 folder stopped working and the game got crashed.i dint read the popup properly it instantly flashed and quit itself. so i rebooted hoping it would fix and after windows loading screen the monitor was just black, it dint say no signal or with f8 pressed and selecting last known good configuration it booted successfully but then again when i opened the game same issue and tried installing new nvidia driver during installation the monitor was supposed to blink but it got turned off and so i hard reseted the pc the display would work till windows 7 boot logo but after that its just black. so i logged with safe mode and uninstalled my nvidia drivers and rebooted it reboots fine but with driver installed it wont display past logo but computer boots fine into w7, i have a Logitech G510s keyboard the lcd on the keyboard will display vital info like Cpu,ram,gpu and profiles.i see MSI afterburner loads on the screen and this time i used my smartphone to remote desktop my pc and surprisingly the display was stuttering on the pc when i moved my mouse on the mobile it would show all the frames where the mouse moved. so again i uninstalled my nvdia drivers using it from yesterday. so this is caused by Some direct x Corrupt files or the gpu itself gone bad ? i used sfc scan it reported errors found but unable to fix 'em, used repair windows at boot that too cant fix, all i'm left with is using the gpu another pc or reinstalling the os been running this from 2015.cant afford to lose all the work if i reinstall. so any other options to fix guys?

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