GPU-Z Can Now Sniff Out Fake Nvidia Graphics Cards

The "fake" cards are already more or less tested and reviewed, since they are simply older, low-end cards from some years back with their firmware edited to make them appear to be newer cards. Performance will likely be much like the older card, assuming the card isn't crashing due to discrepancies in hardware capabilities like VRAM, and the exact level of performance will vary depending on which card was rebadged, which could vary from card to card. You wouldn't exactly want to buy one from the people who are ripping people off, either.

It probably wouldn't be bad for them to make a guide about spotting them, though I suspect that most of those who would buy such a card might be unlikely to read an article like that on Tom's Hardware to begin with. They should usually be pretty easy to spot though, seeing as they tend to be given some off-brand name, along with a cooler with a generic-looking plastic shroud. And perhaps most telling, being sold as "new" with a price typically far below what the name brand cards are being sold for. A new, off-brand 1050/1050Ti direct from China for $60? Eh... probably not.