Question Graphic card burnt as soon as PC turned on, How to check PCIe working or not.

Aug 10, 2021
PC Specs :
i7 10700F
16gb DDR4 Ram
MSI Mortar B460M wifi
Gigabyte 750w PSU(Gold)
GTX 650
Hey Guys,
So, I turned on my PC and it started rebooting very fast, till the time I switch it off from its main it gave a fire for a second and the fire was stopped, I quickly turned my main off and I saw my GPU left side 3 pins were burnt, the PCIe slot is also burnt from the outer area, I don't know whether it is working or not, the GPU I had plugged into the PC at that time was my old GTX 650 so it does not bother me if my GPU is not working cause I was about to buy a new one.
I can't figure this out, Is this the problem with of GPU or motherboard?
My motherboard is in warranty so I can claim the warranty if my PCIe is damaged.
How can I test that my PCIe slot is working or not? (Without risking another GPU)
I am attaching the pics. (The black portion shown on the motherboard is cleanable with Isopropyl alcohol)
Let me know what should I do

NOTE: The first pic is of just after the incidence hence the PCIe slot looks burned (black)....... the second image is after cleaning it with ISO Propyl Alcohol



Yes, shouldn't be catastrophic failure like that.

GTX650 could be bad, could always find a sacrificial PC to plug it into just to be sure. But I wouldn't try any further testing with that motherboard.