Question Graphic Card Compatibility

Mar 11, 2019
Hi, I am using MSI H61M-P21 motherboard with AMD Radeon HD 6570 graphics. Now the catch is, it's broken as in whenever I try to install drivers on it, it puts me through the blue screen and restarts and does that endlessly, so I use integrated graphics instead. But, that's not even the main problem.

I got a new graphic card - MSI R9 380 and bought a new power supply with 2x6+2 connectors for it. Basically, after I connect everything as intended( I have 4 pin connector for the mainboard left over that I can't connect because I don't have where to connect it to) and turn on the PC with the new graphics, I get no video output, also my keyboard and mouse are not working. The thing is, my VGA is not even connected to the video card, but to the integrated graphics.

My friend says it might be that already mentioned 4 pin connector and that it's the reason I can't get video output but I really don't get all the hassle with mouse and keyboard, maybe graphic's card's fans are taking up too much power so other devices malfunction, but I don't think that should happen since I connected 2x6 to it already.
For your motherboard to function you must plug both, the ATX 24-Pin and 12v 4-pin power connectors.
Some motherboards require 8-pin and that is why your PSU have an extra connector, the same way it does have extra SATA and MOLEX power connectors.

Did you test the Radeon HD 6570 in another system to come to the conclusion that the GPU is the issue?
The issue could be the motherboard PCIe slot or a PSU that does not deliver the power the Radeon R9 380 needs.
Which PSU model did you get?

If you install a GPU in your computer then you should connect the video cable to that to the iGPU
Check that the GPU is seated properly in the PCIe slot and that the power cables are properly connected.

Make sure to power of, turn PSU off and disconnect the power cord when you are working inside a computer.