Question Graphic card crashed. AMD Drivers wont install. Need assistance.

Feb 20, 2022
The problem : a few days ago what looked like my graphics card crashed, the screen froze while playing a game (a not really heavy graphics requiring game) with watching something from my browser on the 2nd monitor. I couldnt update or reinstall the driver software after. Everytime i tried the screen would freeze, even if the monitor was connected to the motherboard.

Computer specs:

Windows 10 Pro N
Processor : Intel Xeon E31275
GPU : AMD RX 580
CPU cooler : Boreas E1 410 Lite by Gamdias
PSU: Brand = Deep Cool, model is DE-580
2 Monitors : Viewsonic VX2250 (main monitor) which was connected to the GPU through a DVI to HDMI cable, and Samsung Syncmaster 720N (2nd monitor) was connected to the motherboard through VGA.

a few things about my problem :

1: The monitor connected to the gpu while its connected wont work at all ( gpu connected to the pc) - it will remain black. However, if i have another monitor connected at the same time to the motherboard, will show the BIOS and login into windows through that monitor only
2 : If i safe boot i can update and install the drivers there but when the pc restarts to finalise, it freezes on the login screen
3: If i login with the gpu disabled and try to install or update gpu drivers then the screen freezes - this is with the monitor connected to the mother board
4: In safe mode i can disable the gpu (in the Device Manager) to login into windows, with the gpu connected - with a monitor connected to the motherboard. If i disabled the gpu as said and then login in normally in a normal boot the screen freezes ( monitor connected to motherboard).
5: Some of the fixes that required me to change files or registries, i dont see the files to change in the first place such as deleting "Lower" and "Higher" files from a registry (regedit).
6: If i uninstall the drivers for the gpu it would be replaced by The Windows Basic Display Adapter. It doesnt update or uninstall when i try, and sometimes also causes the freeze when updating. Updating Windows doesnt fix this.
7: Ive used the AMD cleanup utility tool and DDU to uninstall the drivers and prevent Windows from installing its Windows Basic Display Adapter or gpu drivers, but this didnt help anything.
8: Ive also tried a clean reinstall of Windows, also formatting the hard drive . This didnt help.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
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