Question Graphic card driver messes up sound


Aug 19, 2015
It's a really old graphics card Geforce 6200 turbocache, and an old computer too. When I install the card but don't install the official drivers then the sound works fine when watching videos through my browser but the picture quality isn't great, slow and choppy.

When I install the official drivers for the card then the picture improves but the sound quality deteriorates, it sounds as if the people are underwater, muffled and gurgling. However, if I minimize the browser while video is playing, so that the video isn't being displayed, just the desktop showing, then the sound returns to normal.

Any ideas how to fix this one?

Intel Celeron 2ghz
Win 7
4gb Ram
Geforce 6200 with turbocache graphics card PCI-E
M-Audio Audiophile Soundcard

Something worth mentioning is that the sound seems to work ok, even when video is displayed, IF I listen through my Bluetooth headphones instead of through the M-Audio soundcard attached to speakers. Everything was working fine with last gfx card (Radeon 1950xt) but it overheated so I salvaged this Geforce one from an old pc and now getting these issues.