Graphic card drivers question

I have a couple questions about video drivers.

1) No matter what brand you buy (MSI, HIS, XFX...) do you the AMD CCC to download drivers or does each company have thier own independent drivers

2) Don't know if you can answer this but how long does AMD leave catalyst drivers on thier website. I need the 10.X series to play some of my games so I wasn't sure if if at some point like the end of the year they get rid of the old driver downloads to make room for the new ones.

3) When doing a crossfire lets say you buy one video card then wait and buy another one later. When you install the second video card do you need to re-install the video card drivers?
It'll be the same driver no matter what OEM you buy from. I don't know how long AMD leaves its drivers up, but you'll probably be able to find legacy drivers from some other site. You should just have to install the driver on the new card, but why would that matter? Installing a driver isn't a big deal. If you're worried about being able to find an old driver later, just download it now and save it until you want it.
Ok thanks. What I meant was if you install one gpu now and later decide to get another gpu of the same type for a crossfire configuration do you have to uninstall then re-install the drivers in order for both gpu's to work? Or do you just pop in the new video card hook up the crossfire and start playing?