Graphic Card for MS-7613 VER:1.1


Oct 3, 2011
We bought some HP Pro workstations with MS-7613 VER:1.1 motherboard and integrated graphics cards.

The problem is: the art department says the integrated cards aren't good enough to run photoshop and other graphic intensive programs they have. The map department uses mapping software that's a lot like AutoCad.

What would be a good card to buy?

Looking at the mother board there is one PCIx slot.

The integrated graphics that's not powerful enough, according the art department, is called "Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD"
Since it is a P55 chipset board the PCIe X16 slot is version 2.0 the limit of what card can be put in there is going to be based on the size of the power supply. GT220, 430 and 520 would all be low power candidates and better still workstation cards but they cost more.