Graphic Card or gaming console


Oct 3, 2011
Should I Buy a Very Good Graphic Card For My PC to play extreme games or should i buy a all new ps3 or xbox 360 for the same price and for the same game. I have observed that most games that run on these gaming consoles run very smooth and fast. So please Tell me what should i buy and the reason. I'll Give you my thanks in advance:):)

Chirag Borawake

Sep 23, 2011
It depends on your needs basically. If you want to play only games, then a console is a good deal. But on a PC, you can do much more.
By the way, what is your system specs in detail?
Only gaming is issue anyways, because you own a computer already.
I would suggest you to go for a PS3.

hameem 1

Jul 24, 2011
PS3 cost $250 .. that can buy you "GTX 560 ti" and you will be playing bf3 1920x1080 ultra~high settings
but you will also need a 500w %80 performance effect at least and a PCI-E x16 2.0 motherboard and a good CPU as will ... you can upgrade you system in the future .. but can't upgrade gaming console !!
if you have all the requirements then go for GTX 560 ti or 570 and experience a better graphics and gameplay than PS3, also add that you can download free PC games, and do more than just gaming on a gaming console !!


Nov 19, 2008
That good old question about gaming on pc vs console. It is one topic of high discussions. So let's say your primary use of a system is gaming. Any platform would do. However before you make up your mind, check the titles available per platform. For example if you wanna play games like sc2, lol, etc you're not getting them on a console. Second of all, would you rather pay $50-$60 per game on a console or Dave up money for digital copies through steam? Third, on a console counterpart, free online gaming or about $60 Per year for gaming? (xbox live) sure it's not much when seen on a yearly basis but save it for 3 years and you're good for a new gpu. Fourth, do you prefer a keyboard/mouse combo or a controller? Consoles restrict to controllers, pc's can do both.

Now with all three platforms you can stream music, videos pics etc and ps3 even let's you browse the web. But would you not like to get that keyboard support with easy typing option compared to single word tapping from the controller? Oh and as people earlier said pc can be upgraded consoles are restricted to their hdd. Ultimate option, get both pc and save up for a console in future.
Depends on games you want to play. PC is unmatched on First Person Shooters, Strategies, RPGs and mmos, but console can give you better feeling if you are playing sport games or fighting and maybe some action games. But at the moment pc has far better eye candy.
The best thing about a console is that games are generally designed to run pretty well on consoles. The hardware never changes so programmers do not have to deal with new architectures and DirectX versions to figure out how to eek out good performance. Therefore, you don't have to worry about upgrading the hardware (you can't anyway).

The bad thing is that games are only in 720p resolution since consoles are a bit too weak to render in 1080p resolution; at least to the best of my knowledge. I actually find it interesting that people complain about graphics quality on a monitor when they use lower than native (max) resolution to play games; like playing games at 1366x768 or 1680x1050 on a 1920x1200 resolution monitor. But people don't complain about playing a 720p game on a 1080p HDTV.

A major downfall is if you are used to using mods in PC games, you won't be able to do so in console games.

You are reffering to direct-to-metal programming but even with this consoles have a limit, that gaming companies have reached (even passed with crysis back in 2007 that was completely unable to run at consoles) and they cant give you better graphics than pcs even with the huge performance boost they get with direct-to-metal or by using soft APIs. So they are lowering the details on games in order to achieve playble fps.


May 17, 2013

Sir, please help me. I have a Q8200 2.33 ghz PC with intel dg41ty motherboard and i want to buy a HD7850 GRAPHIC CARD only for play games. But, i don't know this graphic card is compatible with my Motherboard or not. So, sir will you please suggest me what should i do?? Do, i buy a xbox 360 or whatever u say????