Graphic Card Problems ????


Jan 27, 2004
Please help!!! I'm about to pull my hair out. Here's the problem. When running AOE 2, The Conquerors, over the network, the game runs fine for about 15-20 minutes and then it just shuts down and puts me back on the desktop with no error logged in Event viewer or error message displayed. The reason I believe it to be the video card is because it doesn't do it at any other time except when playing a game. I've had the same problem with other games like Battle Field 1942 on line. At first I thought it was my firewall so I disabled it. Still happened. So I tried port forwarding in my Linksys cable/router. Still happened. Then I bypassed the router. Still happened. Here's my setup:AMD Athlon 1.4, 256MB of RAM, nvidia GeForce 2 Ultra w/64MB, running W2K with all critical updates loaded on both the OS and the game itself. PLEASE HELP.


Jun 24, 2003
System overheating? Do you have a system probe running to check how high the temp is going? I dunno, just a thought.

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Jul 13, 2003
If its just during multiplayer games that your getting the problem then its notlikly your video card at all. Its more likly a bad network card or bad network drivers/settings or even possibly a problem with the games them selves as many games have those issues for certain people and usually is fixed by a patch to the game.

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Jan 26, 2004
I was having similar trouble with my graphics card, just getting dumped out to the desktop. It turned out that I was having a "power" issue with my GeForce 5900 (non-ultra) and I managed to get it solved in the following manner. I never got the message saying that my card was underpowered, however the voltages from the power supply were varying to the point that when the card revved up to 400 mhz for 3d applications, it would crash, or just quit back to the desktop. I thought a 430 watt Antec TruePower supply was enough for what I was running, but apparently 3 hard drives, 2 optical drives, a 2800 Barton, 2 512 MB DDR333 sticks of ram, a Nvidia 2 MCP-T mobo, a soundcard, a Koolance EXOS water cooler, and 4 fans, not to mention the graphics card, is too much. My solution, after several good suggestions from people in this forum, was to add another power supply to my system. I added a separate 300 watt no-name power supply which now runs all of my fans, my hard-drives, (i will be running my optical drives off of it soon as well), and my Koolance EXOS. After that change my system was relatively stable. I then boosted the voltages to my RAM to 2.77 volts up from 2.63 volts, and also increased my AGP voltage up by 0.1 volts. This seems to have stabilized everything in my system except for my CPU frequency, which according to 3d mark 2001 SE and PC Mark 04, ranges at various times from 1.885 GHz to its normal speed of 2.088 GHz. Hope this helps.


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