Graphic Card Temperature Concerns



Hi....want to first of all apologize for my lack of experience in a lot of this...never posted on forums or been incredibly serious about computer pieces. Please bear with me though!

I have had my current motherboard and tower for a little over two years now. I have also burned through three graphics cards in the same time period. (i say burned computer would crash and then i would get no graphical capabilities...i believe due to my graphics card overheating and burning out). I am currently on my fourth graphics card and have (within the past 2 weeks) been getting some rather alarming warning signs. At that time the cooling fan on my card began spinning much louder than before even straight from bootup. I was worried at first but i dismissed it for a few days. It continued and i opened up my pc to check it out when it was whirring...the fan was still running but the heatsink almost burnned me when i touched it (yes i was grounded). i shut down my computer for about 30 minutes and rebooted to the same loud fan. I thought that it would be ok so i left it running faster and continued playing. a week later (now), my games are down to almost single digit fps and i have had sporadic crashes in high activity portions of my games....i figgured my card was overheating so i would shut down and let it cool off...only problem is taht it is taking less and less time to drop the fps and for the card to get super hot (dont have temp up on similar issues earlier today and will go to check it out soon...)... I know for sure that the fps problem is a heat issue because one time i cooled the card using a tilted airduster to blow supercool air over it...(retrospect not a good move but once again...beg forgiveness) and the fps shot from 7 fps to my normal...i

Other info: no artfacing


Coolermaster 650Watt (i dont know if this is what u need but that was the only product name i could find...other info is 2 codes: ATX12V and RP-650-PCAR)
Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT 512 mb
2 case fans and an internal fan
also i believe my computer has a dual core processor
sorry for lack of better info my questions...

Is the problem based on the graphics card(s...the others that burnt out) or is it a power supply issue? I went to my local Best Buy Geek squad dude and he insisted i needed a better power supply rather than a graphics card. he wanted me to get at least an 800Watt power supply...

Will it hurt if i get a better PSU anyway?

Is my graphics card any good for gaming at all ( i ask this because i read a post on this site which labeled the 9600 as being a terrible choice for gaming...)

AND do i need to replace my current graphics card due to possile damages sustained?

I will try to get any other specs u need...i just may need help finding where they are to get then for you...


Aug 11, 2009
650watt is MORE than enough for that system but it could be faulty....

I dont know but i would guess either faulty PSU or Motherboard if u have a repeated problem....more likely the PSU.

And no your graphx card is not designed for gaming...its a low end card would be looking to spend AT LEAST $90us+ for a worthy gaming card

If your card runs fine when cool then i would guess its ok to use as long as u can keep it cool!!


Jul 26, 2009
From the sounds of it you most likely do have a faulty power supply, I would recommend a OCZ 600watt powersupply.

Also since you have been seeing your graphics card performance consistently getting worse, it is most certainly damaged.

I would reccomend a ATI 4770, ATI 4830 or a Nvidia 9800 < ATI 4770 < ATI 4830 < Nvidia 9800GT