Graphic cards: Buy now?


Jun 17, 2009
I am hopefully going to be building my first custom computer in the next couple of weeks for gaming and browsing and school, with a 600$ budget.
I was going to go with a 4870, but then I started hearing all this talk about DX11

Being 15, and too young to work, I don't have enough money to perpetually upgrade my GPU, so whatever card I get has to last for at least 2.5 years.
I wanted to get everyone's opinions on whether it would be worth it to buy now?

And, are the new DX11 cards like to be exorbitantly expensive when they first come out, or will they be a comparable price to similar cards, except with DX11?
Well, I'm guessing that the mainstream DX11 cards from ATI will offer around 4890 performance for $200 while the top end single GPU costing more. From there the dual GPU version (4870 X2 replacement) would launch a few weeks latter. I don't expect them to be a huge leap forward because big dies are more expensive to produce, have lower yeilds, and are just not as good for business as NVIDIA has recently learned.

If you buy a 4870 now it will last you for a while and it's really at a good price right now. If you build a system with a crossfire board and a capable PSU then you can add another 4870 latter when you feel the need for more performance.
@dokk2 just a correction...the 4870 is a DirectX10.1 cards :)
And @Ilyafordictator you don't have to worry much about the DirectX support if you are not an extreme gamer who want to play at the highest settings all the time for all the games...
Like dokk2 said the DirectX10.1 wont go out any time soon...All the future games will be able to play even @ DirectX10.1...
And there is still more time for the DirectX 11 cards to release and for the games to fully utilize that fully (Maybe ateast a year till DirectX11 becomes mainstream)...