Graphic issues


Dec 20, 2008
Hello everbody,

I have an issue that i cant seem to fix so please read this and see if your expertise can help me out. I will start with my system set up:
Motherboard: ecs 7050m-m v.02
CPU: AMD x2 6000+
GPU: Powercolor HD 4870 1gb
DVD: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202J ATA Device [CD-ROM drive]
HDD: SAMSUNG SP2004C [Hard drive] (200.05 GB
Memory: 4GB Vitesta DDR2 800MHz Dual Kit
PSU: Enermax Galaxy 850w
LCD: Acer p223w
My operating system is vista ultimate 64bit
ISP: Virgin 20meg (up to)

I play world of warcraft and when i run in game i get jolting or juddering in the graphics, for example if i run past a long wall the wall jolts almost like a lag spike, so the close i am to something the worst it is.

I originally had a 9800gt 512mb card and exchanged it for the 1gb version thinking that was the problem but still it did it, I then bought my current GFX card and also my psu and still the problem persists.

I have completely removed the 9800 drivers to make way for the ati drivers, ive used vista's generic drivers ive used older drivers, doesnt make a difference.

I bought crysis because i wanted to eliminate the online senario and even on low settings i was getting blocky graphics and very low FPS

I have done a memtest 07 and that passed, i did a benchmark 06 and got a score of 11.5k, the cpu test seem to struggle though, so that all seems ok.

I have just purchased xp pro 32bit and installed it on a new seagate 160gb HD because i thought maybe the issues were with vista but still the problem persists.

My next line of thought gives me two options 1. my monitor is not the 5ms response as stated and so struggles to keep up or my cpu is not 100%

Ive been told if it was my motherboard then i would get the blue screen of death, that doesn't happen.

Ive only had the mothboard and cpu for about 4 months and the other components i bought recently all within 2 months.

So please can someone advised me on what you may think is causing this before i waste more money.

Many thanks.