Graphical glitches w/ GTX 1050ti (desperate for some help!)

Sep 27, 2018
I'm a new PC gamer and have built my first PC in April this year. I've been experiencing strange graphical glitches in the form of giant black walls that appear in my games including GTA V and Dirt Rally. You cant interact with these glitches, you can drive straight through for example. These aren't game breaking glitches, just very annoying! My drivers are completely up to date. I'm getting quite desperate as the glitches make me not want to play my new PC

I haven't tried reinstalling my Geforce drivers, but will do so if people think this is a worthwhile step that could solve the issue.

Any help to sort the problem would be magical!

My build is

Intel Pentium G4560
2x4gb DDR4 Hyper X Ram
Palit GTX 1050ti
WD 240gb SSD
Seagate 2TB HDD
ASUS Prime B250M-K Motherboard

Please see a few screenshots below of the issues:

Thanks for helping :)
"I haven't tried reinstalling my Geforce drivers"

I think this is the first thing to do....but I wouldn't reinstall it.....I would go to the website and install the latest one.

If that doesn't solve it....I would be leaning on GPU failure.


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