[SOLVED] Graphical glitching problem


Oct 21, 2015
Hey all,

I've been having some weird graphical issues for a couple of months now with my system. So it's basically flashing textures and weird texture pop ups at random intervals. I had assumed that perhaps there was something wrong with my gpu, however, I replaced it with my older 970 and yet the exact same things are happening on that gpu as well, so I don't believe it's being caused by the gpu itself.

I did try to format the system and do a clean install of Windows, although that made no difference. Likewise, I have tried multiple drivers with all the same effect. Like I said earlier, I also tried another gpu yet the same thing is happening on that also.

I would also like to state that temperatures are fine on the system as a whole and I haven't done any over clocking of anything. I can't understand what could be causing this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My specs are :
I5 4690k cpu
16 gig ddr3 2400mhz ram
Gigabyte gaming 7 motherboard
Asus strix rtx 2080 gpu
Corsair rm 750 80 plus gold psu
2 Samsung evo 850 ssds
1 WD 7200 rpm hdd
You were correct to start with the GPU but a few other things can be the cause. First of all though is this happening in specific games all games or in windows itself.

If it's happening in some games then it is likely down to an issue with your settings it's possible you are trying to push it too hard so try lowering your graphics settings and report back.

If it's happening in all games even low intensity ones then it is more likely to do with either inadequate or dirty power delivery IE underpowered or damaged PSU. It's possible the 24pin connector and CPU power connector are working just fine but something is causing an issue with the GPU power connector causing issues however with our a screen lshot I can't say for sure if that is the case as I am not fully clear on exactly what the problem is from words alone.

If it is happening in windows as well as games that makes a RAM issue seem more likely try removing sticks and see If you have a bad one