Question Graphics better than PC on next generation consoles?


Sep 30, 2015
Hello, I wanted to confirm the veracity of the claims made in this statement regarding the specs, particularly GPUs, of the next generation Xbox and Playstation consoles:

“The new consoles will most likely outclass any PC system in terms of graphics, even the very high end ones.

What most people dont consider is that it usually takes up to twice the graphic power on the PC to achieve similar visual results due to PC games being so poorly optimized. So a 12 TF Xbox would require a 20-24 TF PC GPU.

One of the strongest GPUs, a RTX 2080 Ti has 14 TF right now and i doubt we see a 20-24 TF GPU within the next years. So the advantage will be on the console side for quite a while now. Same can be said about the latency, the new consoles will have top tier CPUs this time which should noticeably reduce latency and together with the GPU should allow 3 digit FPS.”

The specs in question are here:


Jun 15, 2017
well, while we dont know yet as they arent released yet, the claims are that next gen consoles will be competetive with pc hardware for the first time in a veeeery long time.
also, games on console are a billion times more optimized, think thats what they ment by "So a 12 TF Xbox would require a 20-24 TF PC GPU. "
if the new xbox really is 12 TF, at the same price as an one x, it will be a steal
theyre supposed to be able to run 4k 120hz, or 8k 60hz from the look of it, and rtx support.

but, since no prices have been leaked, we can kind of guess there will be a few models, and the 12TF will be really, REALLY expensive.
a 12tf gpu would be probably on par with what we expect from big navi (rumored rx 5950xt) so amd will probably not sell a card in a console much cheaper then they would normally.

so yes, next gen consoles will be amazing ablazing, but probably 3X more expensive for top models then current gens.

that said, ampere (nividia rtx 3000 series)
is also rumored to be up to 75% faster, or 50% faster at 50% then power consumption, and if thats true, a 24TF card wouldnt actually be that far off.
What most people dont consider is that it usually takes up to twice the graphic power on the PC to achieve similar visual results due to PC games being so poorly optimized. So a 12 TF Xbox would require a 20-24 TF PC GPU.
That's BS,consoles run at 1080p and most of the times lower than that and at below 60 FPS and most of the times the quality setting is turned way down for those conditions you don't need a strong GPU on PC,to get 1440p/144Hz/ultra yeah you gonna need twice the GPU power...


Notice how the only metric ever mentioned in these rumors/comparisons is TFLOPs? A fairly arbitrary measure of computational power that has basically nothing to do with gaming performance.
There is no reason to speculate here. No console is going to replace PC hardware in terms of performance or long term upgrade potential.
Lets all wait for launch and see what actually happens instead of saying "Look how close 12 is to 14! That means something, right???"
It's BS. They can't make the same GPU perform that much better on a console than on a PC. They can optimize for that hardware specifically on console and get slightly more FPS than a PC with similar hardware but in reality it's not that much better even with those specific optimizations. Consoles usually have much poorer graphics than PC as well. In some cases lower than the lowest PC setting. Usually that's the best consoles can do is to use lower settings as far as optimizations go. The hardware can only do so much. Let's not forget PC gets very good optimizations as well. New drivers are released regularly. IN fact I'd go as far to say that because of the level of control you have of a PC that maybe you can get even better than console optimization in some cases.

You can't magically make a 36CU Navi be better than for example Big Navi which is Rumored to have 80CU's. They won't run 4K at 120hz. Really I'd say a PS5 or Xbox Series X would have trouble with 4k60. Maybe in a few select titles you'll get 4K at something greater than 60 fps. The reality is that they are over hyping this hardware. And as far as ray tracing goes I don't think it will run as smoothly as people think. Look at Nvidia's example. It's tough to run ray tracing. Do I think AMD will have a better solution than Nvidia? No. Why? It seems like ray tracing is just something that's been tacked on. I would be very surprised if it's so good that there's little to no performance penalty. People think AMD's implementation of ray tracing will be better based on what evidence? All I ever see is Nvidia running away with the performance crown when it comes to who has the better graphics cards. While I don't know if AMD will have better ray tracing I'm doubting it. I have reason to doubt AMD. They are consistently under delivering when it comes to graphics cards. While I would like for this not to be the case I'm going to keep my expectations low and hopefully be surprised later.

The reality is... You can't have a next gen leap in graphics quality and still expect the games to run like last gen games run. The games will have to compromise somewhere. Either in the fps or the resolution. Most likely a bit of both to get the impact they want. For example we might see some games with graphics unlike anything we've seen before.. But In order to get there they might need to run at 1800p and 30fps. Also we might see games that have similar graphics quality to last gen but run at higher resolution and more FPS. PS4 and Xbox One will likely still be relevant for years to come the PS5 and new Xbox will likely be considered the more premium option.