Question Graphics card always spins

Nov 22, 2020
So, we bought a new graphics card some time ago (3070 Nvidia) and it hardly ever spun its fans. Only when my partner plays a game, the card started spinning. - Very recently though, i noticed that the card spins all the time in a weird on/off way - meaning the fans spin up fairly slowly, but stop again .. just to start spinning again. The card temperature seems to be at a constant 52 degrees C when i work on the computer (media consumption, Photoshop and writing)

We always had 2 monitors attached to it (2x 32 inch 60hz 4k monitors) - but recently attached a 165hz monitor to it because one of the older ones gave up.

Does the 165hz affect the graphics card so much that it needs spinning? And would it be better to turn the monitor to 60hz instead to preserve energy?
If it's in silent mode, then I guess the fan(s) are probably working the way they should. The spin rate is based on temperature fluctuations of the GPU. You could turn off 'silent mode' and see how that affects the spin rate.

If you download and install MSI Afterburner, you can set a custom fan curve for the GPU based on temperature. I'm pretty sure Afterburner will work with your Asus 3070.