Graphics Card and LED TV


Aug 30, 2011
I just purchased a Samsung 6420 40 inch TV. I have it connected to my computer and mainly use it to surfing the web and watching TV. My computer currently has a GeForce 9500 GS. When surfing the web I can't say all pictures look great. I do have it set to 1920x1080 and am using an HDMI cable. Would getting a better graphics card produce a better picture or is it just the fact that I'm using a TV instead of a monitor the cause of not ideal picture quality? If a better graphics card is in order please suggest what I should get. I did see the Radeon HD 6870 on sale but for all I know that could be over kill.


Do you have a VGA cable? If so, then connect to your TV using that to see if there is any change.

As stated above, the video card generally does not improve the picture quality of a monitor or TV. However, sometimes the ports connections can use inferior parts that may affect the video quality (either the TV or the card, or both). The cable itself could be of low quality as well.