Graphics card and motherboard issue??


Mar 4, 2010

i have recently purchased a xfx HD 5770. When i turn on my pc all i get is a blank screen. Ive tried it in my friends mobo and it works in his. I am thinking it is an incompatibility issue but i dunno. I thought it was a psu issue because i has 450w. But now i have bought a 650w ( above reccomended amount) and still no joy.
Asrock conroe 1333-d667 motherboard
intel core 2 duo e6550 processor
1.80 bios ( the latest version acording to
2gb RAM
650w PSU
geforce 8800gts graphics card

my 8800 graphics card works fine when plugged in but not my hd 5770. Ive plugged in the vga onboard input display and booted up my pc with thT and my hd5770 inserted but it seems as if my mobo doesnt even pick up the card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ASAP! thankyou very much :)


Do you get a POST screen come up?

Is it only windows not displaying anything?

My first thought is nvidia drivers causing issues. Try uninstalling them then changing graphics card, then installing up-to-date AMD drivers.