Question Graphics card and Radeon software issues after thunderstorm ?

Dec 20, 2021
So during a thunder storm a lighting bolt hit something near our house, The only things that were affected in my home was my internet router (its fried) and my pc (my desktop was connected via ethernet and is the only one that is, if that helps in any way). I had multiple desktop pcs with the same parts in our house at the time of the strike but it seems only mine was affected. As soon as it struck, both of my monitors went black and I restarted my pc with the button on the case. Upon booting into Windows I noticed both of my monitors were showing the same image instead of extending my display.

The problems I'm experiencing are:

Radeon software no longer works, My GPU is not recognized by task manager, when I try to reinstall Radeon software it says:

"This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC check with the software developer".

Also, Windows isn't detecting my 2nd display but still duplicates what is on my main display.

You can imagine trying to fix all of this is a pain especially when you are downloading stuff with a hotspot at 500kbps, it's frustrating at the least.

Help would be appreciated :)