Graphics card and the pcie watt limitation

Jul 9, 2018
Hello I am so confused I need some guidance on this I have a optiplex 790 Mt model from dell. Specs for this prebuilt
Core i3 2100
8gb ram ddr3

I want to put in a gtx 750 for a graphics card and some what of a 400 w psu
I have heard that on dell mobo they have 35 watt power limit on the pcie slot I'm so confused on what I should do
Do the graphic cards can they be routed to only direct power from the psu or what someone please help thanks!!
I've never seen an MT model with a 35W PCIe limit. They do that sometimes on the Desktop (DT) , and Small Form Factor (SFF) versions which take low profile cards. The Dell PSU will support up to a GTX1050Ti or GTX1050 which I would recommend unless you're saving a bunch of money. But avoid any cards that need an external power cable and you should be OK.