Question Graphics card and TV

Nov 26, 2022
Hi I want to upgrade my graphics card, but I don't use a monitor I use my flat screen. So is there a ceiling on what quality I'll get back on my tv? Meaning will I notice a difference if I buy 3060 or 3080? Would the 3080 be a waste?
3840 x 2160 and 50/60 Hz
The high resolution requires more gpu performance. 60Hz means you are really only aiming for a steady 60fps so you don’t need as much performance as trying to run 4K 120Hz with 100+ fps. A 3080 would do a very good job, you could go as low as a 3070 but in most modern AAA games you will have to tweak settings to achieve 60fps. A 3060 is more a 1080/1440p card.
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