Question Graphics card broke? 2 Different PCs reacting same to it.

May 28, 2020
About 8 or so months ago my HP computer randomly went out (after around 7 years of service)
the issue was whenever I'd start it I'd get an orange light and it would repeatedly beep in a sequence of 2 short beeps 1 long, and the display reacted as if it wasn't connected to anything. Tried just about everything and couldn't fix it, so I switched to a spare PC (also an HP, similar specs, but terrible onboard GPU)

Decided to upgrade it to Windows 8 today and had an issue with onboard GPU not being acknowledged, which I fixed.
Which got me thinking to try my old PC's GPU card? (mediocre, but better than this one's onboard) upon putting it in the PCI-E slot, sure enough, upon startup, the same exact reaction as my old computer; orange light, 2 beeps, 1 long, display acting as if there is no connection.

I took it out and it (the current HP that I just tried to use the card in) started just fine again.
Does this sound like it could be the fault of the card finally going out after years?

I wanna buy a new one and with any luck maybe that would fix my old PC all-together, but reluctant on spending the money if it ended up being a waste. There's no way to test my old PC since the graphics card was the only thing that had the display outlets (HDMI/DVI.)

Just wondering if the color of the light and the sequence of beeping may indicate something obvious that I don't know about (outside of the GPU.)

Edit: Another thing I remember that may give further insight; before my old PC broke the fan on said graphics card rarely ever worked towards the end. Whenever I'd dust it out, I'd check when powering it on, and more often than not the fan would spin a couple of times then stop but it never seemed to mess with/bother the performance. Maybe the card overheated?
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