Question Graphics Card crashing PC reboots with black screen any ideas??


Sep 6, 2020
Hi all,
So I recently have an issues with my graphics card it is a: Asus Cerberus 1050ti 4GB.

My specs:
850w Power Supply
32GB DDR4 Ram
AMD Ryzen 9 12 Core
Asus B550 Motherboard

I mainly use my PC for video editing 4K videos. I have had no issues in the past with the PC managing to edit and encode 4K videos it is normally very quick.

Recently the PC will completely freeze and will restart itself over and over with a black screen appearing no blue screen. The motherboard LED lights show it constantly going from white light and then amber and restarting.

I have found the solution is to remove the graphics card from the mother board PCI slot and reinsert after this the computer boots up immediately no issues what so ever??
I have checked the temp of the graphics card seems normal and nothing extreme.

Does anyone know what could be causing this to happen and what a solution maybe? Instead of constantly removing and reinserting the graphics card back into the slot.

Thank You