Question Graphics Card detected but not working (Code 43) ?

Nov 28, 2022
I Been having multiple problems with my Laptop GPU after it been dropped on the floor, The problem started with having different BSOD errors at random times while the PC is running or directly after starting a game. I ran different stress tests and it crashed during the 3D rendering test, I took my laptop for a screen replacement and I showed it to the repairman who told me he's gonna use Heat gun on it to try to fix it but it made things worse, now the GPU is detected is Device Manager but with the error sign and its not detected in the Task Manager, NVIDIA Control Panel is not opening either. Basically its detected but not working.

Is this basically a GG ?



Looks like GPU is toast.

Dropping the laptop dislodged something within, hence why system wasn't stable anymore.

repairman who told me he's gonna use Heat gun on it to try to fix it
This clearly shows that the "repairman" didn't have a clue on how to fix your laptop. Just guessing and applying heat with heatgun killed whatever was left of your GPU.

Either haul your laptop to certified repair center and pay for GPU replacement (+ other fixes the excessive heat might have done), or buy a new laptop. Might also want to get some costs back from your "repairman", who made things worse.
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