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Question Graphics card didn't work and beeps 3 times

Jun 30, 2020
So I just upgraded my prebuilt Acer Veriton M4620 PC with a new graphics card which is MSI GT 730 2GB GGDR5
(https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/N730K-2GD5OCV1 )

I choose this particular graphics card because Its only uses about 30w tdp and Its compitable with my PSU which only has 300w power, My motherboard also have a PCie x16 slot so I feel like this graphics card would work. After getting my GT 730 delivered, I installed it on my motherboard and it fits. then i turn on my PC and it shows the Acer logo screen and after a couple seconds it beeps, and then after around 20 seconds it beeps again, then beeps for the third time and the screen goes blank, I waited around a minute and It didn't beeps afterwards. When I remove the graphics card it went back to normal. I tried finding solutions online and one says you should remove disable the secure boot and enable legacy support in the bios but I don't find any of the options in the bios so i don't know any solutions again to fix the problem. Please help me because this is my first time upgrading a graphics card and I don't really wanna return the graphics card back to the seller again.

This is my PC Specs:

Power Supply is from FSP Group Inc.
Motherboard exact model is B75H2-AM

Looking forward for answers!
If theres any informationt that I didn't provide yet just tell me