Question Graphics card displays solid color and freezing system at random times.

Oct 19, 2020
Recently I have updated my Graphics card from 1050 ti to Zotac 1060 mini. It was working perfectly for a week. But suddenly one day while playing youtube video display changed to solid color and pc frozen. Then force restarted the pc and again after 10 mins same screen showed up. Thn after several attempts of force restarting it worked well. But the next day, I turned on only black display showed up. After removing the graphics card I connected with onboard graphics it was working perfectly fine. After 2days again I installed my Graphics card it was working fine even playing games at high graphics it was working perfectly. But when i turned on the youtube videos it again displayed solid color. But after that I force restarted my pc the display didn't show up. What's wrong with pc? Was it the chrome or the graphics card? Any suggestions plz.

My pc specs:
i5 3570
Gigabyte h75 ms
16gb ram
Zotac 1060 3gb graphics card
Thermaltake 550 w smps