Graphics card/Drivers crashes, no display and fans spin at 100% speed.


Jan 30, 2017
I am pretty new to PCs so please correct me if I get something wrong.

Long Version:

I built a new pc around a week ago, everything was working fine. But, yesterday my gpu crashed 4 times in under 2 hours. I would be doing small things such as chatting on discord with my friends, nothing big like playing triple A games at 4k. It crashes almost spontaneously without any warning, the gpu temperature would be around 30 to 40 degrees, suddenly my monitor would tell me that no display is connected and the gpu fans would be spinning as fast as they could go. I know it is only the gpu that is crashing because i would still be able to talk to my friends on discord, even with the blank screen and all. The first time I restarted the computer, it told me that the drivers crashed and has been fixed and asked me to restart my computer again. I restarted the computer, and it worked fine for another 20 minutes-ish. At first I thought it was because of my overclock, so I turned down everything by 25. I ran heaven benchmark and didn't notice any difference. So I thought I fixed it.

However around another 20 minutes went by and it crashed again, the same thing happened except I didn't receive a message from windows about a driver crashing, which was strange. I thought maybe I don't have the latest drivers, so I went onto Geforce experience and double checked that I had the newest drivers. I decided to completely reset my overclock, turned everything back to normal. But it still crashed more.

I don't use my computer much, so although it has been a week, it was really used for around 10 hours.

Short Version:
- New PC
- Card WAS overclocked at a safe amount (I think)
- used for around 10 hours with nothing weird happening
- suddenly GPU/Driver crashed, display went black and fans started to spin full speed
- discord (computer application) still worked even thought display went dead, could still hear my friends though headphones
- Message from windows about drivers crashing, windows said it was fixed
- GPU crashed again
- Completely reset OC
- Crashed 4 times under 2 hours
- Still Crashed a few times before I left the house, unsure if it works now.

Other Important information:
- the card was new
- THE VERY FIRST CRASH HAPPENED WHEN I OPENED CS:GO IN 4:3 WHILE MY MONITOR RESOLUTION WAS SET TO 16:9, I don't know if this changes anything, but I feel like it might be important
- I was afraid of keeping my computer on while my gpu fans spinned like crazy, I thought I might break the gpu so every time it crashed I restarted immediately
- the gpu is not overheating because if I were to restart fans would go back to normal speed
- the gpu was only overclocked for about a week, total up time under OC was less than 10 hours, I hope I didn't break the GPU
- I mainly play CS:GO, so the GPU hasn't been under heavy load except a few benchmarks
- GPU consistently stayed below 65 degrees C. Ever under heavy load like heaven benchmarks.

My Build:
Intel I5 7500
MSI H270M Bazooka
Asus Dual 1060 OC 3GB (Dual stands for dual fans, not SLI 1060s, just to clarify)
Corsair CX550M
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM
Hyperx Fury DDR4 2133MHZ 2x4GB
4 case fans in a Cooler Master n200 (I know, case suks)

Overclock Information (Its running at stock speed now):
- Voltage +35%
- Power Limit 116%
- Temperature Limit 83C
- Core Clock +175
- Memory Clock +250
- Fans Auto
- GPU temperature never went above 65C

Please, any information is helpful, if you had similar problems please tell me how you fixed it.
If I missed information please tell me.

Last resort would be to bring it back to Memory Express and get them to fix it for me for $52.50 :/

Also, side question, would the retailers know if I OCed my card?
Can the card be so heavy that it bent the PCIe slot?
Is the card's airflow/coolness good for overclocking?
How much voltage is too much voltage when you overclock? Is 30% to 40% too much? It was around there when I overclocked it.


Apr 27, 2011
This could be a number of things. None of them seem to be your fault especially since your temps are really low. Actually crazy low for an OC. It could be an issue with the PSU since it first happened under load in CS. It would be pretty hard to figure out without more information and you running some tests like swapping out components or posting crash logs. They won't be able to tell you OC'd without looking really really hard and they won't care enough to go through that so don't worry.