[SOLVED] Graphics card error on motherboard, not recognizing GTX 1650 and no on-board display

Jun 26, 2021
I'm upgrading a computer that has an Asus h-410-m motherboard, 2x8 GB ddr4 ram and Intel it 10400f(with no onboard graphics card).

I'm adding a GTX 1650 card that should handle the 450W PSU along with all the components of the PC, but I get an error that hears 1 long beep and 3 short beeps, which according to Asus is a graphics related error.

I can't access the bios to troubleshoot the problem because I have no on-board display and the fresh new motherboard doesn't recognize the gtx 1650, so no display whatsoever.

I tried resetting the CMOS, checked that everything is connected properly and made sure the GPU fan is turning, and I still get this error.

What can I do?? Should I switch a CPU to temporarily have on board graphics to try and fix the bios and then switching back a CPU? I don't really have another available GPU to switch and test it, the only CPU I can switch temporarily is an old i3 2nd gen and I'm saving this for last option.
Am I missing something?