Graphics Card for 2560X1440 Monitor. ASUS ROG SWIFT


Sep 15, 2014
Im building a whole new setup. And my final step is to get a graphics card. I am most likely going to get the ASUS ROG SWIFT Monitor. Would a 780-ti be enough to run graphics at max or near max, or a Titan do the trick. I would prefer not to SLI, and run with one card, but I am not too sure on what to do for this situation.


None of these cards can consistently output 60 frames per second at 2560x1440:,3663-8.html

Look at the black bars in this benchmark. The R9 290X is at 47 FPS and the GTX 780 Ti is at 49 FPS.
If you want to target frame rates over 60 FPS, you will need to dramatically lower the detail settings or look at SLI.
The GTX 970 is on par with the R9 290 and the GTX 980 is on par with the GTX 780 Ti.
2-way SLI or crossfire adds 60 to 70% performance, so you might get 77 FPS from SLI GTX 970 cards or 84 FPS from SLI GTX 980 cards.

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