Graphics card for ECS G31t-M7 can it support NVIDIA GeForce 9600or 9800 GT DDR3?


Sep 9, 2009

Hello Robert, i was wondering that some newer Nvidia Geforce cards needs a separate power source, which they acquire after attaching it to the mother board itself. Does my motherboard (ie.,ECS G31T-M7) has that kind of socket or something to provide additional power. Just wondering.
Because if it can then i could purchse the GTX series card, after little saving and why not get a beast of a card.
Which GPU you have currently? Or if you have?
Any spare GPU?
Just to check PCIE version, since their site is pretty useless to find that information.
PCIe 1.0/1.1/2.0 all have the limitation of 75W (6.5A at 12v) in the slot. The difference is in the 8-pin external connector, 1.0/1.1 is 100W while 2.0 draws 150W. The 6-pin is still 75W for either standard. A 7600GT has no external connections, so it will never draw more than the 75W it can from the slot. The power and bandwidth is limited by the slot specs. For example, a PCIe 2.0 card will function 1.1 in 1.1 slot, while a 1.1 card won't perform any better in a 2.0 slot than compared to a 1.1 slot.

This older review shows the typical power consumption or 7600GT at the frequencies shown is 67W.

Typically, the box recomendations are specifically known as "Total System" which means the video card plus some random/basic components. The problem is we don't know what componenets because nVidia doesn't tell us. The deal is not everyone knows what their system uses, they don't own a powermeter to tell how much space is left. Unless you tell us you system specs, we can't even guess.

Or you can do away with the math hassle and guesses by getting better PSU.

NOTE: The recommendation is part warranty and part liability. Should something ever go wrong with the card, one of the first questions tech support will ask is your PSU wattage. If you don't meet their minimum, they will either scapegoat the PSU as the problem, or worse, void your warranty citing you didn't follow the rules.

You have to be confident of your current system's usage, the batch quality of your graphics card and PSU to not follow the rules.

Your is 1.1, soo I think the newer GPU's should work without issue at all.

Soo basicly anything beneath the 1000 series of GPUs.

Note: Middle section is copy paste.

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