Graphics Card For My PC


Nov 16, 2012

After a lot of thinking today I finally built my PC, my specs are,

Intel i5 3570 (Non K)
Asus P8B75 m LX mobo
Corsair CX430v2 PSU
Corsair Vengeance 4gb DDR3
NZXT Gamma
Asus DVD Writer

and an old Acer AL1702W

I thought that Intel's i5's inbuilt graphics would atleast help me to get a decent graphics performance, but in windows rating it gives 1.0 which is the lowest. IDC much about it but the screen resolution is also really poor (800x600). I thought it would give me a decent graphics performance which would give me a resolution of 1400x900. Am I doing anything wrong or will the resolution be so low.
Or should I get a new graphics card? If yes which one?

I am already over budget..... Which card would be good for me? All I need is basic HD video playing HD and a better screen resolution.



Jul 22, 2012
Any of the HD 6xxx(lower than the 6850, faster than the 6450), or get the HD 7750. You also get the GT 6xx cards, but they are also a bit slow. I recommend the 7750 in case there is a slight chance that you want to game.


Agreed. The onboard (or should I say on CPU/APU) video should play HD video without a glitch. Just install your drivers and your good to go. The only reason to get a video card would be for gaming.

If you do end up buying a video card check the Toms Hardware best cards for the money to decide which model to buy. As far as brands go I'm partial to Asus and Gigabyte who produce high quality cards. XFX is overated rated and overpriced. Other brands use lower quality components and have cause me issues.



I just wanted to add that I noticed you mentioned resolution. Your monitor supports 1440 x 900 max. Your onboard video should do 1920x1080 no problem. I've used the INtel onboard video and it will do 1080p blueray video without any problems. Make sure you install the drivers. Asus should have them for your motherboard. Then go adjust your resolution to 1440x900. There will be an Intel HD video icon on the taskbar to adjsut the video settings.

As a sidenote I wouldn't waste any money on a video card. I'd personally invest it into a 24" 1080p LED monitor. They can be had for $130 with some boxing day sales.