Graphics card getting really hot


Jun 28, 2011
My computer has recently started freezing every once and awhile while playing a game.

The game forced me to upgrade my nvidia 8800 GT drivers to 8.17.

The temperature of my graphics card is reading 81 C (177F) (min 80, max 84).

Votage 1.30 steady.
Fan speed 100%

My quad cores are reading around 43 degrees C each.

SystemIn = 30 degrees C
CPITIN = 63 degrees C min --> 87 degrees C max (jumps around 75-85 regularly).
AUXTIN = 45 degrees C.

Any suggestions?

Video card too old?


Going to shut the comp down tonight and see if anything has changed tomorrow.
always good to clean your computer of dust and whatnot on a regular basis, however, I did have drivers ruin a graphics card before. The driver was for a wide range of cards and I had one of the lower end models in that driver series. too much "improvement" in performance over a prior driver. BOOM...... bye-bye card.

before I forget, because this never happened to me. What game "made" you upgrade the driver ?

x Heavy

Aug 16, 2011
That is too hot. I think 180 degrees is the limit before the physical card starts to suffer damage.

Clean the dust bunnies out of your computer, fans and coolers. Use a can of air for that. Once that is done, re examine the airflow to see where you might add fans to get rid of heat.

If the card is itself still TOO hot, then you must be trying to play a game that might be pushing it too much. It's possible.